Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kiteschee surfing for idiots and middle age people: Day 6

Kite surfers of the main beach in Cumbuco

This is turning into a never ending story, or maybe nightmare (at least for Alex). Our lesson yesterday was cancelled due to lack of wind, and so we were to try it again today.

Everything started out good, there was a bit more wind than yesterday, I got the 12 sq meter kite up, and had another go at standing on the board. I was having some problems with bar as the stopper was a bit loose and at the slightest gust the brakes would be released (the first safety feature, which is when the bar is pushed up past a stopper which then releases all tension on the kite). Making controlling the kite a bit more difficult as I would have to do it with two hands and still try and get the board on my feet. After a round of this and crashing the kite into the water (a first for me) Alex made a slight adjustment so that the brakes wouldn't release on their own.

Kite surfer at the weekend competition

By the way, my first real kite crash and in the end I didn't manage to get it up (ok, in the end it basically reached the beach with me in tow), before getting to the beach, as the waves were moving me closer and closer to the kite and I didn't manage to get any pressure on the lines. In deeper water I would have swam diagonally away from the kite to get rid of the slack and the kite should come up quite easily.

Kite surfers at the weekend competition.

The next round everything went fine, I stood a couple of times before sinking back down, and on what proved to be the last try of the day, I got up leaned too far back, landed on my back as if I had slid out on ice. The kite went down, and when I got it up it had a large rip on the left side, it flew but that was clearly it for this kite, so back to land. Some more material failure. Alex was clearly not too happy, and we agreed to give it another go tomorrow with another 12 sq meter kite.

It is getting pretty annoying not being able to practice, as each time is like the first time. But I have stood, if not quite surfed yet, I am getting the feel for the kite, the rest I think is just practice, practice, and more practice.

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