Monday, July 30, 2007

The Waiting continues, but Brazil continues to fascinate


The few days last mentioned in the previous blog entry have come and gone, and still no bike. I decided to go to Santos on Friday to have a look around (according to the Internet, "my" boat was still unloading, so there was no chance of getting the bike) and spend some more time on the beach. It looked like it was going to be a nice day, so instead of staying in the hotel waiting for a mail that wasn't coming, a road trip seemed like a good idea.

(Santos beach)

Once I got to Santos I went by the office to talk to Claudio and he confirmed that it would take a few more days. In the end "we" agreed that it should be possible to get the bike on Monday and Tuesday, with Tuesday being the more likely candidate. No problem, I have time.

(Santos beach)

As the sun was just coming out it looked like a great day for exploring. So I walked to the beach side of the island and relaxed for a while, and even caught my first glimpse of the famous (infamous) Brazilian string bikini. (sorry no pictures...). Unfortunately as I sat there the weather turned, it didn't rain, but it got windy and cool as the sun disappeared behind clouds and wasn't seen again for the next two days (at least..).

(Church across from the beach)

Nevertheless, I walked around some more and checked out the fish market, and the port area. The port area is not somewhere I would not recommend for a leisurely walk, but I found it interesting. There is a pier for citrus, which is at least 1km long, and the pier to handle sugar, is a complex over 2kms long. It is huge. The most interesting thing was the fishing pier near the aquarium, from here you can watch the boat traffic coming and going, as it all has to pass the narrow straight here. Making it very easy to pass a whole day even if you don't have a fishing pole.

(Fish market, check out the birds on the roof..)

If I haven't mentioned it recently, I like Santos even better than Sao Paulo, and this little walk showed me a lot more, all of which I really enjoyed. The park along the beach is just a wonderful place to spend as much time as you have. If you are not inclined to partake in the all the sports going on, you can enjoy the time, eating, reading or just people watching. Now if we could just get some sun, so more of those bikinis come out of hiding, it would be a real paradise.

In the end I did a 17km walk around Santos before heading home to the hotel, and extending my reservation for another week.

With all this time on my hands, I have managed to do a lot of work on the website, most of it behind the scenes (little new content), but there are nevertheless a few new things. Check out the About page, which I have finally done. After reading it I am kind of wondering if it really has a purpose... Let me know what you think...

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