Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Goa, India

www.fernweh.ch has been updated....

Well, 4 months have gone by, and I am still in Goa. But the good news is that the web pages have finally been updated. I am not going to bother promising that I will be more punctual in the future, since that will probably not be the case. But, I doubt that it will quite as long a wait for the next installment.

Regarding this update, since I last wrote, Cecilia and I have split up. Life goes on and so do we. She will continue to travel on her own, as will I.
At the moment she is heading south, after having various problem with her bike, you can catch all her latest news at her blog Fernweh Travels

With any luck at all, I will be continuing south soon (in two to three days). I will continue to update these pages, as well as my web site, which at the moment isn't quite ready. But of course all the data to date can be found at www.fernweh.ch and here.

See you all soon.

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